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Detail carpenters work with small objects such as furniture, while structural carpenters work with buildings. We take pride in the breadth of our abilities and our capacity to consistently produce happy clients despite unique work environments, tight schedules, limited budgets, and exacting demands. Difficult scenarios have pushed us to search for exceptional solutions.

Our services might best be described as broad. While we’ve been hired to construct and install many noteworthy and highly creative pieces, we specialize in more ubiquitous finish tasks. These tasks include: installation of window and door trim work; interior doors; crown, chair, and baseboard moldings; wainscoting, decorative-beam ceilings; mantels; straight-run and radius stairways; and custom cabinetry. Our job description isn’t limited to the interior either. If the project necessitates an elegant deck, trellis, porch, or fence, we are experienced. We pride ourselves, and take great care to ensure to the job gets done right and to your satisfaction.

The ancient Greeks showed their carpentry skills when building ornate temples. Alamo City Handymen take that same eye for details carpenters used then, and apply them to modern day.