Home improvement remodels and repair services

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Home Improvement, Remodels, and Repairs

Whether you’re looking to do a minor home improvement, sell your house, or simply want to remodel your home. Choose one of our expert home remodeling contractors to help turn your ideas into reality. You deserve to have the oasis you’ve always dreamed. No matter the size of your space or layout of your property, we have the tools and skills to make your home more functional and aesthetically pleasing. When you work with Alamo City Handymen, you’ll have a world of options to choose from. Whether it’s smaller renovations or complete overhauls, we’re equipped to handle it all.

Choose us for your home remodeling project, and we’ll take the time to understand your needs and goals. We’ll work to come up with creative, cost-effective solutions for transforming your home into the space you’ve always wanted it to be.

Take a few minutes and walk through each room in your house, then walk around outside. Make a list of all the repairs needed. This could be as simple as a leaky faucet to something a bit more substantial like putting a cover over your patio.

  • Prioritize the list of concerns by jobs that you think might get worse.
  • Be organized before you make the call. If you have your list of everything you want us to look at right in front of you it will be easy for our handyman to determine the size of the job.
  • Decide if you will be able to afford all of the repairs at once or if you want them done in phases.  If you do want them in phases, figure out which jobs you’d like completed first.

Carpentry & Flooring

Our carpentry & flooring services are broad. Hired to construct and install many noteworthy and creative pieces we specialize in the following: window, external door - interior doors, trim, crown molding ...

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We are proud that we can do many things when it comes to your home, including providing you with residential plumbing services. We are pros at handling multiple plumbing jobs: Water Heater Installation, Drain Cleaning, Toilet Installation & Repairs, ...

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It’s difficult to find a company in specializing in residential electrical services. Home electrical services also require knowledge, licenses, and dependability. Alamo City Handymen has a team that can do it all. Additionally, we have have certified electricians on staff. Our promise is to provide you safe, professional, and dedicated service.

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Drywall & Painting

When it is time to repair damaged drywall you want to call in professionals. Drywall, joint compound, or sheet-rock is very important in any construction or remodeling project. Our drywall finishing contractors can help you put the final touches on a recent remodeling project, or fix the cracks, holes, and wear and tear that occurs throughout your home as the years go by.

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Patio Covers & Roofing

If you love sitting outside having a deck cover over your patio can literally give you an extra room to relax and enjoy a beautiful day. We can replace a single light switch, update electrical boxes, or replace wiring. In addition new appliances requiring special electrical outlets to be in compliance. Smart Home equipment like USB power outlets are part of our specialty.

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Installing siding on your home should be done by professional house siding contractors. Since the siding on your home can dramatically change its appearance it is important to know which is perfect for your climate.

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