Choosing The Right Toilet For Your Home

Choosing the right toilet for your home may not be the most exciting task, but it’s an essential one. A toilet is something that you and your family will use multiple times a day for years to come, so it’s important to choose one that is both functional and comfortable. Choosing a toilet for your home may seem easy enough until you look at all the options. When selecting a toilet you’ll find you have to consider factors such as size, shape, style, color, water usage, and other features. Let’s break down these options to better understand them and help you decide on the right toilet for your family and home.

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Round Toilet VS Elongated Toilet

Size and Shape

The most common toilet shapes are round and elongated. Round toilets typically measure around 28 inches in length from the wall, and the seat height is 15-17 inches from the floor. Elongated toilets are slightly longer, measuring 31 inches in length, and the seat height can be 17-19 inches high. A toilet with a higher seat is more comfortable for taller individuals and also meets the ADA requirements for mobility impaired individuals. The size of your bathroom and location of the toilet also plays a big role in determining the size and shape of the toilet you choose. If you have a small bathroom, you may want to buy a round toilet that takes up less space. If you have a large bathroom, you can consider a larger toilet that offers more comfort.


Toilets also come in a variety of styles, including one-piece, two-piece, corner, and wall-mounted. The style you choose depends on the size of your bathroom, bathroom style, and budget. Each style has its pros and cons so it’s best to do some research and find out what style best suits your personal preferences.

One-Piece Toilet

One-Piece Toilets

One-Piece Toilets are sleek and modern and are ideal for contemporary bathrooms. They’re called One-Piece because the bowl is connected to the tank. They save space and look sleek but are more expensive than other styles.

Two-Piece Toilet

Two-Piece Toilets

Two-Piece Toilets are more common and consist of a separate bowl and tank. They hold more water in their tank than other models but this means they also need more space.

Corner Toilet

Corner Toilets

Corner Toilets are exactly what they sound like. They are toilets with a triangle shaped tank that fits into the corner. This is a great option for small bathrooms. Corner toilets aren’t very common so their price tends to be a bit higher but are worth it.

Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-Mounted Toilets have a tank installed behind the wall and the bowl is mounted onto the wall at whatever height you desire. Since the bowl is mounted above the floor, it has no base, which means it’s easy to clean under and around it. They are ideal for small bathrooms where space is at a premium but the installation can be expensive and complex.


The best color to choose for a toilet is a matter of personal preference and depends on the overall decor and color scheme of your bathroom. White is a popular and traditional color choice for toilets because it’s easy to match with other bathroom fixtures and accessories. However, there are many other color options available. If you don’t want to go with a bright white toilet you can choose a creamy white, taupe, beige, or a light gray which are neutral colors that will blend in with most color schemes. There are also bold colors such as blue, green, charcoal, and black that may go well in a modern or industrial style of bathroom. Ultimately, the best color for your toilet will depend on your personal preferences and the style of your bathroom. Consider your overall design goals, the colors of your walls, tiles, and other fixtures, and choose a toilet color that complements your existing bathroom decor.

Toilet Design Water Usage

Water Usage

Water usage and efficiency is another important consideration. Toilets use more water than any other appliance in your home which means they add significantly to your household water bills. Choosing a toilet that is water-efficient can save you over $100 on your annual water bill. Old toilets can use as much as 7 gallons of water a flush but new low-flow toilets use 1.6 gallons or less per flush. So not only will you be saving money but you’ll also be conserving water and limiting your impact on the environment.


WaterSense LabelLook for toilets with the WaterSense label, which indicates that they use less water than traditional toilets and other low-flow toilets without sacrificing performance.


Today’s toilets offer features that turn your ordinary toilet into the “throne” you desire. They may seem extravagant but the comfort and convenience they deliver is so worth it. Who hasn’t wished on a cold winter’s day to have a heated toilet seat? Or a night light in the toilet so you don’t have to turn on the main light and wake up completely in the middle of the night or stumble in the darkness. Install a bidet spray for a refreshing and cleansing spritz. While you’re at it you may as well install an air dryer to puff out warm air and dry you off for a hands-free, toilet paper free, drying experience. Don’t want to touch the toilet lid anymore? Install an automatic lid that lifts when you approach it and closes when you walk away. Tired of cleaning the toilet? Get a self cleaning toilet and forget about using a toilet brush ever again. Whether you choose a basic toilet or one with added features just remember that these features can be convenient and make using the toilet more comfortable, but they are also more expensive. It’s important to consider your budget and your personal preferences when choosing a toilet with additional features.

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