The Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, choosing the perfect kitchen countertop is an important decision to make. The right countertops can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen, and it’s one of the first elements that family, visitors, and possible home buyers are drawn to. When it comes to countertops, there are a multitude of materials, colors, styles, and price points available. The process of selecting the perfect kitchen countertop can be overwhelming once you delve into all the options available to you. In this blog, we will walk you through essential factors to consider when choosing new countertops for your kitchen.

A swatch of various kitchen countertop material and colors

Set A Budget

Before diving into the vast options of countertops, it’s important to establish a realistic budget for your remodel. Your budget acts as a guide to help you navigate through the multitude of options available while ensuring you make a choice that fits within your finances. Countertop prices can vary widely based on the material, thickness, size, availability, durability installation and any other additional features you may want, such as integrated sinks or edge profiles. Striking a balance between your desired countertop and your available budget will empower you to make an informed decision and give you peace of mind that you made the right decision.

Kitchen countertop in a modern kitchen with cabinets and a large window

Aesthetic Appeal

Selecting the right material, style and color for your new kitchen countertop is a pivotal decision that will impact the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Start by considering the existing design elements in your kitchen, such as cabinetry, flooring, and backsplash to ensure the new countertop will mesh well and also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. If your kitchen has a classic or traditional style, opting for a natural stone material like granite or marble can add to the existing elegance. If your kitchen is modern or industrial, clean sleek lines can be found in materials like quartz and stainless steel. When it comes to picking the right color; countertops are available in earthy and vibrant tones. Ultimately the color you choose should resonate with your personal taste and complement the current colors in your kitchen.

Functionality And Purpose

When selecting the best countertop material for your kitchen, aligning your choice with your lifestyle is paramount to make sure you’re happy with your choice for years to come. Take into consideration your kitchen habits and needs, to choose countertops that best suit you on a daily basis. Do you cook and bake frequently? Then maybe you should consider heat resistant surfaces like quartz or granite. Do you have young children? Durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean countertop materials like laminate or engineered quartz will make your life easier. Are your countertops mainly about looking beautiful and for entertainment purposes? High-end marble countertops will give you the luxurious style you’re looking for. Ultimately, matching your countertop material to your lifestyle ensures that your kitchen remains a functional and inviting space that accommodates your unique needs while maintaining its beauty.

Material Options

Choosing the right countertop material eventually comes down to your lifestyle, functionality needs, and budget. Here is a list of the most popular materials to choose from and their pros, cons, and average price range.


Engineered quartz is a blend of natural quartz and resins that resembles marble or granite. It’s a durable material that isn’t prone to chipping or cracking. It’s also a non-porous surface which makes it suitable for spills and easy clean up. These great qualities however lead to a somewhat high price range considering it’s a man-made product. The average cost ranges from $70 to $100 per square foot.


Granite is a natural material and no two slabs look alike which provides a unique personal touch to your home. Granite’s elegance is compatible with any kitchen style from contemporary to classical. It comes in several colors so it’s easy to find a tone that will complement your existing color scheme. It’s a durable material but it’s also porous. You will need to have it resealed every 12 to 18 months to prevent moisture and stains from setting in. The average cost ranges from $40 to $60 per square foot.


Renowned for its luxurious appearance, marble countertops lend a sophisticated elegance to any kitchen and are also heat resistant. While luxurious, marble countertops are a soft stone and tend to be more susceptible to staining, chipping, and cracking. Marble countertops are more about their beauty and are better suited for less busy kitchens. The average cost ranges from $60 to $100 per square foot.


Laminate countertops come in various designs, mimicking natural stone patterns or wood. You can usually find laminate countertops in older homes but they’re making a comeback due to their budget friendly and low maintenance attributes. They’re great for busy kitchens or for families with little kids. However they are less durable than stone materials and are not long lasting. The average cost ranges from $15 to $50 per square foot.


Customizable and durable, concrete countertops can be shaped to fit any kitchen layout and are a nice option for rustic to industrial styled kitchens. Concrete can be stained to any color to match or complement your kitchen decor. It’s a pretty strong material but it can crack. However the cracks can be easily fixed. It can take a while for the poured concrete to completely cure so take that into account before installing. The material may be lower in cost than other options but it has a higher labor cost. The average cost ranges from $80 to $135 per square foot.

Stainless Steel

Sleek and contemporary, stainless steel countertops are popular in professional and industrial style kitchens. They are durable, easy to clean, heat-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and beautiful in the right style of kitchen. This is a great option for people that cook and bake often. Although durable, they scratch and dent easily. The average cost ranges from $70 to $215 per square foot depending on the gauge you choose.

These tips and material information should help you narrow down your kitchen countertop choices. For more help, call Alamo City Handymen. We can provide samples of your preferred countertop materials to see how they look in your kitchen’s lighting and alongside other design elements. Visualizing the countertops in your home, along with our designer’s help, will guide you to make your final decision with confidence. Call us today and schedule a visitation. We’ll check out the project area and give you a free written estimate.