Do I Need Water Damage Restoration?

Water Damage Restoration is the process of drying out, cleaning up and restoring a residence or business to its previous form before water damage occurred. Water damage can be caused by an undetected leak, busted water pipes, overflowing toilets and bathtubs, overflowing washing machine, water heater flooding, sewage leaks, water damage from putting out a fire or a natural disaster such as a flood. The damage, whether big or small, needs to be fixed as soon as possible before the damage spreads. Let’s discuss what kind of damage water can do and what happens if it isn’t properly managed.


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Image of a blower drying the exposed sub floor after removing the carpet due to water damage


Floors are major areas to experience water damage because water settles there and can remain there for a while. Carpeted floors will become soggy and retain a lot of water. Even if it eventually dries out on the surface, there is damage underneath it. Mold could be growing and the sub-floor below the carpet might still be wet and start rotting. The carpet can be saved if dried out in time but the padding will need to be removed. Tiled floors will become loose and wood flooring will buckle and warp. Whatever type of flooring you have will need to be removed quickly to hopefully save the sub-floor beneath it. A specialist will be able to tell you if the sub-floor can stay or needs to be replaced.

Interior image of a home wall with water damage in which mold has grown


Drywall can be damaged by water in a few different ways. Drywall can be damaged if the pipes behind it have a leak or burst. A leak in the ceiling can rain water down the walls. Standing water on the floor will make contact with drywall which is a permeable material. That means it’s absorbent and water will slowly travel up the wall and lose its structural integrity if not dried out immediately. More often than not, drywall will need to be removed and replaced. It’s best to remove it in the worst cases so it doesn’t affect the wooden framing behind it. If left untreated you may need to replace the framing as well.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is very susceptible to water. It can cause corrosion and electrical shorts which could damage appliances or start a fire. If you experience major water damage it is recommended to not turn on any appliances or lights until a professional electrician can inspect the wiring. Worst case scenario; wiring, breakers, outlets, and switches will need to be completely replaced.

Can I Fix This Myself?

Water damage is not a DIY kind of job. Even if you successfully dry out everything to the touch; you have no idea what is happening below the surface. Mold and water damage will be growing in the spaces you can’t see as you dry out the surface which leads to more damage and more expense down the line. The best thing to do is to hire an emergency water damage restoration company. They have the equipment to thoroughly dry everything out and the professionals to inspect everything and determine what the next step should be.

What Do Water Damage Restoration Companies Do?

Restoration companies will start off by first removing any standing water. They will remove any wet furniture and other items. They may need to make some holes in the drywall if the damage is bad so they can dry out the framing. They will then need to dry out the area by opening doors, windows and bringing in dehumidifiers and fans to circulate the air. This part of the process can last a few days depending on how much water damage there is. During this downtime, the project manager will tell you what steps need to be taken next and they will help you file an insurance claim. A cleaning crew will also go in and disinfect and clean up everything to prevent mold growth. Restoration will begin after everything is clean and dry.

This is just a basic description of what water damage is, how it affects your house, and what water damage restoration companies do. The restoration process is much more detailed depending on the amount of damage. Nevertheless, whether you have minor or major water damage, a restoration company should be called immediately. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. Contact Alamo City Handymen if you have any further questions or call us at (210) 864-9194.