Should I Hire A Professional Painter For Interior House Painting?

The weather is warm, flowers are blooming, blue skies all day and you feel like it’s time to bring some of that life inside your home. Spruce up the interior of your house with some new paint. A fresh coat of paint can revive a space and make it feel like a new room. This sounds like a simple DIY project but there are certain things you need to take into consideration before attempting the job yourself. The last thing you want to do is start a home improvement project and then find out you’re not prepared or experienced enough to handle it properly. In this blog we’ll go over a few points to think about to help you decide whether it’s better to paint the house yourself or if it’s better to hire a professional painter.
Interior image of a open kitchen and living room

How Many Rooms To Paint?

Do you want one room painted? Two Rooms? The entire house? You may feel like you can paint one room by yourself but two or more rooms might be too much for you and you should hire a professional painter. Painting by yourself is time consuming and you’ll probably end up taking several days or a few weekends to finish it. A professional painter and his crew can finish the job in a day or two and make sure everything is finished properly and cleanly. When you think about it; one room may be too much as well. Take into consideration:

  1. How big is the room?
  2. How high are the ceilings?
  3. Do you need to paint the trim?


Ask yourself those questions and you’ll realize it’s better to hire a professional no matter how many rooms you need painted.

Image of a professional painter sanding a interior wall before painting

Wall Preparation

There’s more to painting than just rolling or spraying paint on the walls. You need to prepare the walls first before painting. This process takes more time, tools, and skill that you might not have. A professional painter will be able to tell you what kind of preparation is needed, if any. Some things they will look for is:

  • Lead Paint     Was your house built before 1978? If so, there’s a chance that it’s been painted with lead paint. Sanding or scraping lead paint releases dust particles into the air and can cause lead poisoning. A professional painter will be able to detect lead paint and safely remove it.
  • Sanding and Scraping     Is the paint starting to chip off on the wood trim? You should have it sanded so the new paint can better adhere to it.
  • Drywall Damage     Are there any cracks, dents, water damage, or holes in your drywall? Painters not only paint but they can repair drywall.
Image of professional painters and their painting tools

Painting Tools And Expertise

It’s easy to go to the hardware store and buy paint, a paintbrush, tray and roller but is it the right paint? Is it the right brush and roller? Professional painters know which tools are the best and they know how and when to use them. Different rooms may require different types of paint and that paint needs its own special brushes for application. It’s easier to hire a professional residential house painter that already knows this and has the tools for any job. Also, if you tried to paint on your own you’d soon realize you need to go back to the hardware store because you forgot primer, painter’s tape and a heavy duty drop cloth. Oh, and a third trip to the hardware store because now you need a smaller brush for the trim and a ladder to reach the high areas because your step stool isn’t tall enough. Do you really want to make 3 trips to the hardware store and buy a bunch of items and tools that you’ll only use once? Me neither. Hire a professional for your own peace of mind.

Image of a consumer reading paint can labels at a hardware store

Types Of Paint

Most of us know there’s exterior and interior paint but did you know there are more options than that? There are interior paints that are good in your living room or bedroom but aren’t suitable for your kitchen and bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to have a lot of moisture in the air and you need a paint that has a glossy, semi-gloss, or satin finish with a mildew-resistant additive. Painters can help you choose a nice color but also the proper finish depending on the room being painted. Here are some other common types of house paint:

  • Latex Paint – This is a water based paint that applies easily, dries quickly and is easy to clean. It is the most commonly used paint for interior painting
  • Acrylic Paint – This is a chemical based paint. It also applies easily but has a strong smell so make sure you have proper ventilation when painting. Acrylic paint is durable and flexible
  • Enamel Paint – This is an oil based paint. It takes longer to dry than other paints but it is also more durable.
  • Paint Additives – Additives can be added to any of the above paints to give them special qualities. Floetrol and Penetrol improves the flow of paint and reduces brush marks. Mildewcide prevents mold and mildew in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms that have a lot of moisture. There are also fire retardant additives.
Image of a handyman painting a ceiling with a roller

Time And Convenience

Considering everything we’ve covered so far; it makes sense to hire a professional painting company to handle all the hard work. They already know everything and you don’t have to spend time doing any more research than you already have. They have the knowledge, skill, and tools to get the job done quickly, properly, and possibly guaranteed for a certain amount of time. Save yourself headaches, time, and frustration by hiring professional residential house painters.
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