The Benefits of A Covered Patio

Spring is here and it’s a good time for home improvement such as building a cover for your patio. A covered patio is beneficial throughout the year and through all kinds of weather. It’s an extension of your house that not only aids you in spending more quality time outside but it also can be an energy saver. We’ll discuss the benefits of having a patio cover such as:
Image of a outdoor home patio with recent rain

Weather Protection

Texas weather can shift from extreme heat to a hail storm in a matter of minutes. We love to spend time outside but it can be limited due to the elements. Building a cover over your patio will give you the protection you need in all kinds of weather. A patio cover will shield you from the sun on the hottest of days and allow you to spend more time outside. It can also help lower your energy bills during the summer. The interior room closest to the patio cover will be cooler because it’s also protected from direct sunlight.

Rainy days no longer means you have to be stuck inside the house. Now you can sit outside and safely enjoy a rainstorm. There’s nothing like a cool breeze and the smell of rain. Of course, we recommend going inside if it’s a thunderstorm or there’s high winds. A patio cover also extends your time outside during the colder months by adding a firepit or heater for added warmth. A patio cover is your friend through sunshine, rain, and snow.

Image of a family having dinner under a covered patio

Outdoor Entertainment

Take the party out of your house and celebrate outside. It gives you a chance to be a little messier and have more fun without worrying about ruining anything inside the house. Drink and food spills won’t be an issue and cleaning up is quicker. A patio cover will shield your party goers and it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids and pets as they play in the backyard. Barbeque parties and late night smores will never be rained out with a good roof over your patio. A cover may also inspire you to remodel your patio into a full outside living space. Add lighting, a tv, sound system, or a wet bar. There are more options for outdoor furniture and appliances than ever before. You can easily have it match your indoor decor. Turn the patio into an extra family room, kids play area, or a man cave. Your imagination is the limit.

Image of a covered concrete patio addition to a home

Family Living Space

A patio cover makes it easier for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors. Now parents can spend time outside while the kids play in the backyard. It’s easier to keep an eye on the kids but also participate in their games. No longer are the days of the kids outside and the adults inside. Build more family memories together. Most homes have wi-fi now so you can take your laptop outside if you need to get any work done while the kids play. It’s also a good area for the kids to do their own homework. Fresh air has a calming effect and may help you and your kids do better work. Spending more time outside brings us closer to nature which is something we all need from time to time.

You can also use your covered patio in a more quiet and intimate way. Turn the patio into a meditation or yoga area. Sit in your favorite chair and read a book in peace. Set up a hammock or swing and take a nap. Watch the sunset and the fireflies come out. A covered patio is an extension of your home; enjoy it in any way you choose.

Image of a solid covered patio offering plant protection

Plant Protection

Patio covers can either be solid or an open lattice style. Lattice patio covers offer partial coverage from sunlight and rain. It’s ideal if your desire is to grow plants on your patio. Some plants do poorly in direct sunlight and require a certain amount of shade. A lattice cover shields from direct sunlight and allows some rain to penetrate through. It’s a great area for growing sensitive plants and seedlings that need extra care. The lattice is also a good place for hanging plants like ferns. Taking care of a garden patio is more relaxing and easier than digging in the yard. You can also use the plants as a way to create a barrier and add more privacy as you relax on the patio.

Raise Home Value

Adding a cover to your patio can raise your home’s value and sellability by 8 to 10%. Use the same kind of wood and roofing material used on the house when you build your patio cover. This way it seems like it’s part of the house and will seamlessly blend in. Homes with a covered patio or deck will sell faster and for more than a house that doesn’t have an outdoor living space. Buyers look for stability and reliability in a home’s interior but the exterior is a place for daydreaming and adventure without actually having to go to a park or camping. A quality patio cover will entice a buyer to move quickly and pay closer to the price you’re asking for.

Are you ready to build a cover for your patio? Call Alamo City Handymen to build a solid or lattice cover for your patio. We’ll come out and discuss design, materials and give you a quote before starting a project. Contact us today.