While painting a room isn’t rocket science here are 4 painting tips to help you with your next project.  

Don’t go cheap

Your next painting project doesn’t have to beak the bank. Yet, there is a difference between finding a bargain and simply being cheap. Bargains are awesome and we are all for them. However, homeowners often look at prices first before they look at quality when it comes to paint and painting supplies. Cheaply made supplies not only affect the way the paint job looks once it applies but can interfere with the painting process. For example, how frustrated would you be to find your paintbrush hairs mixed in with the newly applied paint on your walls? 

Buying cheap paint can cost you more money in the long run. Quality paint often only requires 1-2 coats and covers better, lasts longer, and is more durable. Cheaper paints will often require twice as much coverage to get the results that one can of premium paint does. Not to mention you may have to repaint more often because cheaper paints usually don’t withstand being wiped down or cleaned. 

Wipe things down first

Before you begin to paint take a moment to clean the areas or wipe them down. We know it seems counter-intuitive and like a waste of time to clean something you are going to paint anyway. Trust us when we say, dirt can hurt. Especially the application of paint. Paint won’t stick to dirty or greasy surfaces. Imagine having painted your kitchen and you go to wipe one of your cabinets only to have a huge chunk of paint come off with it. 

Run them through water

We recommend that regardless of the types of rollers or brushes you buy that before you use them that you wash them. Using a little bit of water and liquid soap not only removes dirt and dust from manufacturing but also removes any oily film that sometimes gets on your brushes from people touching them before they are purchased. The best part is that after you wash them you can use them before they are dry.  

Stir the paint 

Even though they shook the stuffing out of it at the store it doesn’t take much time for the paint to settle and start separating. Especially if you are painting a large area that takes more than one can to complete. The color difference between a well-stirred can and one that is not is pretty major. 

We recommend that you get a stir stick. Most of them are free at a local hardware store. But before you just dip it into the paint and begin stirring take a minute and drill some holes in it. What this does is creates an aerating stirrer that mixes the paint even better. 

Rather have someone else do the painting for you?

We understand that there is a certain satisfaction when it comes to completing a project yourself. We also understand that what brings contentment for one may not be for another. Let us take care of your painting needs. We will gladly handle interior and exterior painting jobs for you. Call (210) 535-1000 or message us today!

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