Local news story covers how handyman tip reduces missing socks. The following is a handyman’s tale which could help you reduce the number of missing single sock cases that plague the world. To protect the privacy and identity of all individuals, we have changed the names in this story.

Missing socks – behind the story

As reported by Sock Daily on September 19th, 2019. It was the attention to detail and brave actions of one pro handyman that is now reuniting, saving, and reducing the number of missing single socks all over the world.

Lead Sock Reporter: So, what made you decide that you wanted to help save, reunite, and come up with a way to reduce the number of missing socks?

Pro Handyman: Well, I visit a lot of homes, and when I begin carpentry services, I often move things. I fixed a plumbing leak once and had to move a family’s refrigerator, and there they were. A few of the children’s socks all alone, cold, and dirt stuck to the flooring.

Another time we did a drywall repair and painted a garage. When I moved the washer and dryer, there he was — wrinkled, crusty, and the reason the Patriots lost the Super Bowl in 2018. That poor lucky sock had been missing for over a year. Had we not done that renovation project, he would have been lost a lot longer.

Lead Sock Reporter: Gosh, I bet that had to make you feel good to reunite the sock with his person.

The beginning of a solution

Pro Handyman: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of handyman jobs in San Antonio, where I encounter similar scenarios, just different families. Families are distraught and end up missing their loved socks for years. It feels good to reunite them.

Lead Sock Reporter: So, what made you decide to come up with a solution that leads to t number of single sock cases being reduced?

Pro Handyman: Well, after so many cases, I started wondering. How much these families and individuals go through during the time the socks are missing? Sure, it feels incredible to find them but, what if they didn’t have to get lost in the first place? I started thinking about the years of counseling needed for those who lose socks. Heck, the socks that come back need counseling too. I heard a lot of them have that PTSD. But what if they never lost in the first place? It would reduce PTSD on both sides.

Lead Sock Reporter: Wait I’m sorry, PTSD? I wasn’t aware that socks could get that.

Pro Handyman: Yeah, PTSD! Post Traumatic Sock Disorder all of the veteran socks go through it. You know the ones that end up serving as dusters and infiltrate those dark, dusty areas. Some serve as dog sweaters – man they see and feel some stuff. Then there are those stabbed by toenails and need stitching up. They all have issues after that kind of thing. Well, these socks that go missing are no different. They’re never quite the same.

The tip that reduces missing socks

Lead Sock Reporter: “Ah — ok, I see. So, what did you do to help?”

Pro Handyman: “Most of the socks I reunited a found in the cracks between the washing machine & dryer, wall & washing machine, or between other appliances. So, I decided to figure out a way to keep them from falling into the cracks. As you can see, when a sock is lost to a crack, it can take years before we get them back.”

Lead Sock Reporter: “So, what did you come up with?”

Pro Handyman: “A Pool Noddle.”

Lead Sock Reporter: “A Pool Noodle?”

Pro Handyman: “Yep, a 2 dollar pool noodle. People don’t realize that pool noodles are versatile. They don’t just help people float. They have learned how to adapt to today’s changing society. Shoot! Those pool noodles are no joke! They might be colorful, bendy, and all that, but they can be used for some stuff. Anyway, I was trying to put up one of my kid’s pool noodles on a shelf, and it kept falling and hitting me in the head. I later realized that it was trying to tell me something. So, I jammed it between the wall and our washer and told it to stay there and not move until pool season. Well, the pool noodles don’t always listen, and it began to slide forward down the wall. And then it hit me!”

Lead Sock Reporter: “The pool noodle hit you??!”

Pro Handyman: “Well yeah, and no. It hit me in the head earlier as I said, but no, it didn’t hit me then. I realized then if you wedge a pool noodle between appliances or the appliance and a wall, you can cut it to fit. Now there is no way for socks to slip down the cracks!!”

Lead Sock Reporter: “WOW!! That’s amazing! Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Pool noodles save sock lives! A handyman’s pro tip. Stay tuned for more news coverage on handymen tips that save!”


*** This is a work of fiction. Therefore, names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is also purely coincidental. ***

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