Home repair & maintenance do they ever end?

Whether you are a new home owner or have owned for a while, home repair & maintenance is inevitable. Repairs are always pending or coming up.

Home repair & maintenance steps.

I’ve come across homes that have been neglected for years. Overwhelmed home owners facing insurance company cancellations or city citations. In addition, years of repairs HAVE TO BE DONE in a matter of days. While, these are extreme cases, I get it – life happens, and things take priority. However, I’m here to tell you that there are some simple steps you can take to keep home repairs from piling up.

Simple Steps to keep home repair & maintenance manageable

We live in our homes every day. Yet, we sometimes like our selves make it the last thing we work on. Simply making the decision that your home will be a priority will help you in the long run.

Making a list doesn’t have to be complicated. Literally start on the outside of your home and work your way in. For example, does your roof leak? If so put it on the list as “roof needs repair.” Do you have some outside faucets that are dripping? If so put them on the list as “faucets need replacing.”

After you have complied your list then go through and organize by what are easy fixes. Such as, which fixes can you do your self versus fixes that require a professional. This will give you two lists where you can better see what you can handle immediately instead of things that may be costlier.

Now that you have your lists which things need to be fixed immediately? Prioritizing your home and the lists you’ve made will have your home in tip top shape in no time. Things like new flooring, kitchen and bath remodels can be done when you know you have taken care of the important and needed maintenance of your home.

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