Homeowners start your New Years’ resolution now and make sure that this time, you don’t fail. It’s easy for us to not follow through on some of our resolutions. However, this year doesn’t have to be like other years. We generally know people will wait until January or February before they consider the new “thing” that obtains their commitment. We are at Alamo City Handymen would like to make this year a bit easier for you. Instead of committing to a new diet or the latest exercise fad. How about you consider fixing up some of the neglected things around the house.

You know what we are talking about, those loose shingles on the roof — may be repairing or adding that new deck you’ve promised your wife for a while now. How about repainting the house? Alamo City Handymen can paint interior and exterior walls for you.

We aren’t skipping the holidays

We know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, and stores are filled with Christmas scents. Is nothing sacred anymore? The struggle is real, and we get it. Yet, aren’t asking you to start buying or sign on the dotted line. We are simply asking you to begin inventorying the things that need to be repaired or could use a little TLC around your home. Commit to taking a “what needs” fixing inventory for the rest of this month. Then give yourself another month to research, get estimates, and price quotes. By the time January rolls around you should have some price quotes for services. At that time, you can prioritize your list by available funds, the order of importance, or any other sorting criterion you may have.

And think, your income tax refund check could be hitting the bank right about the time you are ready to pay for your repairs. Talk about timing! Resolve to make that inventory list of what needs fixing before another year passes you by, and resolutions become shelved. You never know it may not be too long before you plug in that space heater and short out your home’s electrical panel. So why not commit to taking care of those electrical repairs this new year. It will probably be one of the easiest resolutions that you make and keep!

We are always here to help

Don’t worry we want to make your life easier. So, after that list is complete simply let us know and we will gladly help!

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