Kitchen Flooring Options: Which One is Right for You?

Lets explore 5 of the most popular kitchen flooring options, and discuss their pros, cons, and price points. This will hopefully help guide you in the right direction to the flooring that best suits your needs.

May Is National Home Improvement Month

May is National Home Improvement Month. During this month, people will take on remodeling, repairs, and upgrades, both big and small, to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their most used living spaces.

Preparing for Home Improvement Month

Couple painting interior home wall

May is just around the corner which happens to be National Home Improvement Month. It’s the perfect time of year to start planning repairs, much-needed updates, and renovations to your home.

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen sink with a gooseneck faucet

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Faucet When it comes to upgrading or remodeling your kitchen, the options can seem endless. One important decision you’ll need to make is choosing the right kitchen faucet. Not only does a kitchen faucet play an important role in your daily tasks, but it also serves as a stylish […]