Aging-in-Place Remodeling

Image of aging-in-place elderly couple

Aging-in-Place Remodeling As our population ages and home medical care is becoming more common and affordable; people are choosing to remain in their homes as they grow older instead of moving into nursing homes or senior assisted living communities. Of course this means that as homeowners age they find they need aging-in-place remodeling of their […]

Bathroom Modifications For Seniors FB

Image of bathroom grab bar

About Us     Products    Reviews (210)-942-9054 About Us        Bathroom Modifications       Testimonials (210)-942-9054 (210)-942-9054 Email Us Bathroom Modifications For Seniors As our population ages and chooses to remain in their homes, certain home modifications and additions will be needed to ensure a safe and comfortable lifestyle. One area of the […]

Siding Repair And Maintenance

Exterior image of a home showing siding

Siding Repair and Maintenance The exterior of your house is the first  impression it’ll make when visitors or buyers come by; and faded or damaged siding will leave a lasting bad impression. A clean and well maintained siding will not only boost your curb appeal but it’s also an integral part of your home’s structure. […]

Kitchen Repair And Upgrades

Interior image of a home kitchen

Kitchen Repair And Upgrades The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home; so you’ll want to make sure your heart is healthy and functioning properly. The kitchen is one area of the house that has several components to it and many things can go wrong. Even simple repairs can be troubling […]

Aging-in-Place Bathroom Modifications

Image of bathroom grab bar

Aging-in-Place Bathroom Modifications​ As our population ages and chooses to remain in their homes, certain home modifications and additions will be needed to ensure a safe and comfortable lifestyle. One area of the home that can be treacherous is the bathroom. Standing up, sitting down, stepping in and out of tubs and showers is a […]

Five Benefits of Hiring a Skilled Handyman in San Antonio

Do you find yourself with a hectic and crazy schedule? Undoubtedly, these days it seems everyone is addicted to working and being busy, leaving little to no time to do other things, especially any work around your home. With your already busy schedule, hiring a skilled handyman should be a simple and easy process. Before […]

4 Painting tips to help with your next painting project!

While painting a room isn’t rocket science here are 4 painting tips to help you with your next project.   Don’t go cheap Your next painting project doesn’t have to beak the bank. Yet, there is a difference between finding a bargain and simply being cheap. Bargains are awesome and we are all for them. However, […]

Homeowners Start Your New Years Resolution Early!

Homeowners start your New Years’ resolution now and make sure that this time, you don’t fail. It’s easy for us to not follow through on some of our resolutions. However, this year doesn’t have to be like other years. We generally know people will wait until January or February before they consider the new “thing” […]

Handyman tip reduces missing socks!

Local news story covers how handyman tip reduces missing socks. The following is a handyman’s tale which could help you reduce the number of missing single sock cases that plague the world. To protect the privacy and identity of all individuals, we have changed the names in this story. Missing socks – behind the story […]

Springtime Tips A Handyman Can Handle

Install Weather Stripping To Block Out The Oncoming Summer Heat Those little cracks underneath doors and the ones you can’t see on the windows will waste a lot of cool air this coming summer. Weather stripping is definitely a general home repair task to do before it gets hot. Check Exterior Trim & Wood Repairs […]