Aging-in-Place Remodeling

Image of aging-in-place elderly couple

Aging-in-Place Remodeling As our population ages and home medical care is becoming more common and affordable; people are choosing to remain in their homes as they grow older instead of moving into nursing homes or senior assisted living communities. Of course this means that as homeowners age they find they need aging-in-place remodeling of their […]

4 Painting tips to help with your next painting project!

While painting a room isn’t rocket science here are 4 painting tips to help you with your next project.   Don’t go cheap Your next painting project doesn’t have to beak the bank. Yet, there is a difference between finding a bargain and simply being cheap. Bargains are awesome and we are all for them. However, […]

Homeowners Start Your New Years Resolution Early!

Homeowners start your New Years’ resolution now and make sure that this time, you don’t fail. It’s easy for us to not follow through on some of our resolutions. However, this year doesn’t have to be like other years. We generally know people will wait until January or February before they consider the new “thing” […]

Addition Project: A Work In Progress

Sometimes a project comes to us under life changing circumstances. After a death in the family this addition project in NW San Antonio, had come to a stand still. The patriarch of the family who had passed, had done his best, but the project was left in the very rough phase of start up. Alamo […]

Garage Stairs Testimonial

Alamo City Handymen’s David Palomo chats with Ann Zeigler about a perfect solution to a problem in her garage. Listen to the satisfaction in her voice. Ann, it was such a pleasure to work with and for you!