When you start thinking about how to organize a garage on a tight budget, you may want to crawl in one of the many boxes stashed in yours. When was the last time you parked a car in your garage, anyway?

When you consider the investment of time, containers and shelving, the whole garage cleanup process can add stress and dollar signs. But you can do it on the cheap. Here’s how to organize a garage on a tight budget—and as efficiently as possible:

Organize before you buy.
Many make the mistake of buying a bunch of bins, filling them and then forgetting about them. Though fast, this method is a nightmare when you try to find something in the future. Before you rack up a bill at The Container Store, take stock of your supply.

Organize items into piles—sports equipment, garden supplies, etc.—and then create sub-piles based on size and category. For example, safety gear like helmets and knee pads can be their own sub-pile in the sports equipment category. The only items you don’t need to organize are those you’re going donate or sell at a garage sale. Toss anything that’s broken, damaged or missing pieces.

Think vertical.
Think of your garage like a tiny house. Use tall shelves and ceiling storage to elevate your space. Pro Tip: Keep items you don’t use as much, like Christmas décor and pool toys, towards the top.

Buy in bulk.
The Costcos and Sam’s Clubs of the world are made for garage domination. Shelves, sheds and bins are around every corner—and for 30%-50% less than retail.

Use pegboards.
Pegboards are a cost-effective garage storage solution.

Source: Securcareselfstorage.com

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